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State Conservation Commission

The State Conservation Commission is a state agency created to assist and guide conservation districts as they work to conserve our natural resources.  Our mission is to lead the citizens of the state in the wise stewardship, conservation, and protection of soil, water, and related natural resources on private lands.

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Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) CREP is administered by the Farm Services Agency and the Washington State Conservation Commission. It provides incentives to restore and improve salmon and steelhead habitat on private land. Link
Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) The Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) program serves as a foundation to support collaborative, locally-led processes to address natural resource issues. CRM applies to all communities and natural resource situations including areas dominated by public lands, private lands, or a mixture of the two. Link
Office of Farmland Preservation Exists to promote the vitality of farming, farmers, and ranchers by ensuring that we continue to have productive agricultural lands in Washington State. Link
Irrigation Efficiencies Grants Program (IEGP) Administered by the Washington State Conservation Commission through a contracted partnership with the Washington State Department of Ecology, the Irrigation Efficiencies Grants Program (IEGP) helps private landowners partner with local conservation districts to save water and aid in salmon recovery. Link
Professional Engineering Services Grants Program The Professional Engineering Services Grants Program is a partnership between WSCC and Washington State’s 47 Conservation Districts to help support safe, effective conservation practices.  Conservation districts with similar resource issues work in “clusters” to prioritize each participating district’s engineering needs.  Funding appropriated to the Commission by the Legislature is used to hire a Washington State licensed professional engineer for each cluster. Link